Gur e m’ anam is m’ eudail

It was my love and my treasure

Short post…sentimental post. Over the past couple years I’ve neglected my love of Gaelic music. I got this love from my Mom who dabbled in learning Gaelic a bit. I remember singing along with some Gaelic songs trying to memorize what the lyrics mean while in high school, college and grad school–out of view of most people haha! My vocabulary is limited to what I learned through the music and I’m sure my pronunciation is pretty poor, but I’m slowly finding my passion for this music again.

Digging around Youtube I came across Julie Fowlis and posted one of her songs that I absolutely love. It’s a love song. A friend asked about the lyrics…haha, I had to use google translate for most of it to concoct the rough translation, then dug around Julie’s site and found the actual lyrics, they are posted below in Gaelic then English.

I love re-discovering parts of me that were lost in the fray of life.

I love re-discovering love.

My source for this is:

The youtube video where you can actually hear the song if you aren’t one of my ‘facebook friends’ is:

Bothan Àirigh am Bràigh Raithneach (A sheiling on the Braes of Rannoch)

Gur e m’ anam is m’ eudail
chaidh an-dè do Ghleann Garadh:
fear na gruaig’ mar an t-òr
is na pòig air bhlas meala.

O hi ò o hu ò, o hi ò o hu ò,
Hi rì ri ò hu eile
O hì ri ri ri ò gheallaibh ò

Is tu as fheàrr don tig deise
de na sheasadh air thalamh;
is tu as fheàrr don tig culaidh
de na chunna mi dh’ fhearaibh.
Is tu as fheàrr don tig osan
is bròg shocrach nam barrall:
còta Lunnainneach dubh-ghorm,
is bidh na crùintean ga cheannach.

An uair a ruigeadh tu ‘n fhèill
is e mo ghèar-sa a thig dhachaigh;
mo chriosan is mo chìre
is mo stìomag chaol cheangail.

Thig mo chrios à Dùn Eideann
is mo bhrèid à Dùn Chailleann,
gheibh sinn crodh as a’ Mhaorainn
agus caoraich à Gallaibh.

Is ann a bhios sinn ‘gan àrach
air àirigh am Bràigh Raithneach.
ann am bòthan an t-sùgraidh
is gur e bu dùnadh dha barrach.

Bhiodh a’ chuthag ‘s an smùdan
a’ gabhail ciùil duinn air chrannaibh;
bhiodh an damh donn ‘s a bhùireadh
gar dùsgadh sa mhadainn.

It was my love and my treasure
who went yesterday to Glengarry,
the man with hair like gold
and kisses that taste of honey.

You suit your clothes
better than any man on earth;
you look better in your garments
than any man I’ve ever seen.

You look better in stockings
and comfortable laced shoes,
a dark blue London coat
that cost many crowns to buy.

When you arrive at the fair,
you’ll bring my gear,
my small belt and my comb
and my little narrow fastening

My belt will come from Edinburgh
and my marriage head-dress from
we’ll get cattle from the Mearns
and sheep from Caithness.

And we’ll rear them in a sheiling
in Bràigh Raithneach,
in the brush-wood enclosed hut of

The cuckoo will sing
its song to us from the trees,
the brown stag and its roaring
will wake us in the morning.

a typical lunchtime thought process…

Mmmm…hungry time for lunch…
lunch, pork and vegis with sauce and rice
hair in food…
hmmmm…my hair or their hair
*pulls hair from food*
their hair
*flicks hair onto ground, keeps eating*–meh


i wonder how many microbes are on a typical piece of hair
i wonder how many microbes are on my hair
i wash my hair
does she wash her hair
*looks at lady serving food*

I should culture/test my hair
that’d be interesting
no, not applicable–i need to test a food servers hair
*looks for dropped hair*
its on floor
floor contamination, damnit, can’t test it

someone in the US would wreak havoc if hair was in their food
is it that dangerous?
i should culture hair and see
*eats more food*

coffee sounds good
i should get around to reading Rob Dunn, wildlife of our bodies
he’d know if hair was dangerous
*finishes food, pays*

i read a lot of science blogs, scientists are getting ‘hotter’ looking
we used to have to hide under rocks
my German friend was surprised after learning i was a microbiologist
i asked why
he said because i’m attractive

i should make a calendar of ‘hot’ scientists
that’d be cool
with links to their publications and blogs

i should find someones hair and culture it…

Tribute to Edgar Allen Poe on his Birthday…

I wrote this in high school as an English project and figured I would post it as my tribute to Edgar Allen Poe on his birthday, which is today January 19th. It’s a parody of his poem ‘The Raven’. Now it was an English project so I had to copy the meter and style and everything…looking back I think it was a pretty decent job. That and well…I was an odd teenager, I still am odd…just not a teenager anymore. Continue reading “Tribute to Edgar Allen Poe on his Birthday…”

No reserve, no retreat…no regrets

William Borden was born into great wealth and attended Yale in 1905, but if you do a search on William Borden on the internet you won’t find great business dealings or a discovery of a new drug…he died at 25.  And to many his life was a great waste.

Continue reading “No reserve, no retreat…no regrets”

In time…

In time you will find that to be happy with someone else, you first need to not need that person, you will find also that the person you love, or think you love, who doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, is not the person for your life. You will learn to like yourself, to take care of yourself, principally to like who likes you. The secret is not to chase after butterflies; it’s to take care of the garden so that they come to you. In the end, you will find not who you were looking for, but who was looking for you.


A Sonnet…

So, I’ve written poetry in the past, still do on occasion, not as much as I used to though, but I’ve been inspired to put up one of mine…it’s an older one now, I wrote it back in high school,  I’ll share it all the same …


A Sonnet

Through eyes of one you knew, and yet did not;

I wait in some hopelessly vacant trance–

Knowing myself surpassed and forgot;

Viewing myself dull against her vibrance.

Dreaming dreams, wishing wishes void of fact,

My heart knows will never come to pass

Yet time alone shall not speak ill of that

As wind I feel, yet see touch other grass.

I loved you when you were shy and unfound:

When little you were known or recognized.

I loved you as you grew and lived, yet now

My friendship out of favor in your eyes.

And now our separate paths we follow through

Though life leads me away, I’ll remember you.


The sky is crying

The Sky is Crying

The sky is crying

And I dont know why.

Washing the heat,

Washing the dust

From a predetermined life.


Rivulets at my ankles,

Wind in my face,

Uncertainty before me,

Uncertainty within me

Just trying to keep pace.


I feel the lightening

I feel the thunder

I feel the frustration

I feel nothing.


The sky is crying

And I do know why

Washing the heat

Washing the dust

From a predetermined life.

Listening: repost from May 12, 2007


Listen to me

I’m falling

Away from the voice inside

Wishing to abandon my ridiculous nature,

Wishing to go after something

I can actually have

Angry at my own nature

Frustrated since the fault is mine

Busy with the life that’s around me

Forgetting at times what’s important to find

Listen to me

I’m smiling

Amused by things I cannot control

When all you can do is laugh

Mixing sadness, hurt, and relief in your soul

Focused on the tunnel in front of me

Desperately trying to stay on the path

Believing my head

Doubting my heart

Saying nothing, seeing the end

Listen to me

I’m quiet

My mind rebelling inside

Not wishing to upset the balance

Not wishing anymore to fight

Accepting what I cannot have.

Singing Softly: repost from Jul 12, 2007

Singing Softly

Singing softly

Loving loudly

Life being

Only what life is able

To be

Caring deeply

Abandoning reproach

Making wishes like a child

Knowing the hurt

Of reality

Giving favor

Learning grace

Touching without fear

Trying despite cost

Diminishing life’s


Still singing softly

Still loving loudly

Life still being

What only life

Can be.