Women are…

Devotional Blog: “Get me out of here”, 10/29/2011; Matthew 6:9-15.

Evil. This blog is going to be a small rant…fyi.

In the entry Pam (the author) talks about Adam and Eve and how Eve was tempted by the snake (Satan) to eat of the tree (the ‘infamous’ apple) of the knowledge of good and evil using lies and ‘half’ truths.

“Our flesh wants fulfillment; then our eyes want what we see; then we want something to brag about. Eve fell for the same three things. It feels so good: Her flesh wanted the fruit. It looks so good: Her eyes saw the delicious-looking fruit, and she wanted it. It sounds so good: Then she fells for the big one: ‘You can be like God’. Now that would be something brag about, but it was all lies.”

She paints Eve to be like this apple harlot! I don’t think the Bible talks of Eve’s LUST for the apple or desire to BRAG about her apple exploits. I think there’s a difference between saying the apple looked good to eat and lust. Should she have eaten it, no of course not…but the way the author has described it I have visions of Eve rolling around in a bed of apples…it’s just weird.During my life from the time I was in high school til even just recently I’ve heard the same ‘mantra’ from some men. Women are evil. Women are crazy. We can’t ‘figure’ women out. Its all their fault, we are blameless, they tempt us or use us then throw us away. Good grief guys! STRAP ON A PAIR! I’m not trying to disregard your emotions and yes women screw up…JUST LIKE EVERYONE. Get over it and move on…just like everyone else does. Don’t vilify the rest of womankind because of one woman.

Where the heck was Adam in this story above, lets jet back to Genesis shall we? Genesis 3: 6-7

“When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her and he ate it. Then the eyes of both of them were opened…”

…OH YA That’s right! EATING OF THE FRUIT TOO! I don’t know how often I’ve offered Tyghe food or drink or something and he simply says…nah, no thanks. HOW HARD IS THAT! And I think if I’d offered Tyghe an apple that would ‘end our lives’ he might speak up first! God gave authority over the woman to Adam…so really it would be nice to know why Adam didn’t step up and say..”Um, honey I think certain death follows eating this apple…I’m jus saying.” Instead she hands it to him and he just is like ‘ok’, believes the lies too and eats it!

Eve was not an evil woman, she was a deceived naive woman. I don’t know how many times I’ve been duped or made fun of or lied to…thankfully I didn’t lose as much as Adam and Eve did. Should Eve have eaten from the tree? Of course not, but why didn’t Adam step up? Why is it ALWAYS the womans fault? Now I know many guys don’t use the Adam and Eve story to support how ‘evil’ woman are–although you’d be surprised how many I know have. But I think this mentality still pervades our relationships and it drives me nuts.

I don’t pin my misfortunes at the hands of men on all of mankind. Though people can exacerbate problems, in the end, you have problems because of you not because of some woman. Women are not and will never be perfect. Nor will men.

I’d say this blog could apply to women too who blame mankind for the faults of one man, but I rarely hear this accusation, ‘men are evil’, from women… So lets just say get off your Captain Ahab ‘Wail’ boat. Stop your inane obsession with ‘the one who took your leg’. Man up and find woman that is perfect for you–faults and all.