A space cadets moment

Devotional Blog:

Topic: “Nothing to show for it”, 9/27/11, Psalm 90: 1-6, 12-17

After reading this verse and section I found myself taking an almost opposing stance to what the author suggests. The take message coming from Pslam 90:12.

“Teach us to make the most of our time, so that we may grow in wisdom.”

She goes on to discuss that instead of wasting our time watching TV we could make lists, clean, pray, write a book…use the time to ‘prepare’ for something. She goes on to say that the Bible has over twenty references to a ‘moment’ which is just an instant of short piece of time and that if a moment is important to God, then it can be important to us. That much I agree with…moments matter.

What do I do in ‘moments’, honestly…I don’t really watch TV, I space cadet out, often times brought back to reality by someone flicking their fingers or waving their hand in front of me. One of these days I should try and count the myriad of thoughts that go through my head in that moment. Often times people will ask what in the world was I thinking that made me zone out like that. Most of the time I cannot answer them as it’s more of a steam of consciousness or stream of emotions if you will than any intelligible thoughts. But it quiets  my mind.

You’ll notice I am writing this blog ‘from the future’ as the time stamp on it is October 4th and the reading from the 27th of September. In that time, Tyghe’s step-mother who he is quite close to and grew up with passed away from Cancer; mantel cell lymphoma for those curious to know. She’d been battling the disease for 2 years. I suppose you can guess what my thoughts have been consumed by recently.

A list of things I ponder in a moment: death, love, faith, BEAST analysis, ladybugs, landscapes, the mist, snow, the current book I am reading, the reason I opened my last bottle of wine, art/crafts, music, scents that transport me back in time….inevitably everything digressing into a haze of color and feeling with a lull of melody in the background.

The author mentions not wasting moments with things like TV, be productive instead. I disagree in a sense. I think everyone needs quiet moments, while not actively being productive on the outside I believe that a quiet haze of thought taking up moments in time is important. It calms the mind, something our rushed busy chaotic society of individuals desperately needs sometimes.