Sealing my Ph.D. fate: repost from Sep 12, 2007, with ‘updates’

So I am procrastinating on a piece of analysis right now that would basically seal my fate for my Ph.D. time-wise here in Bozeman.  Following a surprisingly productive meeting with my advisor, this morning it turns out that I am 90% sure I will not finish ontime…and all the Ph.D. students said “surprise surprise…” Yeah I know, no student ever finishes ontime…but man I had hopes. I am allowed to hope now aren’t I?

This seems like the longest Ph.D. in the history of LIFE itself!

By way of Update: I ended up finishing my dissertation not in 4-6 mos as this post later implies but 3 YEARS LATER! Such is the Ph.D. process….*sigh*

BUT, and I hate admitting this but my advisor was right, when we took a hard look at the numbers and what I need for a robust thesis…I need more data. Problem is getting/analyzing that data will add another 4 mos to my Ph.D. So hence, another semester essentially…and that’s not even including writing up. DOH! Well…at least I like my research…there are those that work on something they hate for years upon years, at least I like what I am doing …yes, I’ve come to grips with my insanity.

By way of update: My insanity got worse as the years dragged on, there was little hope to come to grips with it around year 6…

SO, the rest of this blog is dedicated to those in an epic struggle to finish!

By way of update: And it was an ‘epic’ struggle in the end

Of course there was the first three years of my Ph.D. which technically didn’t end up counting for my thesis, so I guess I can look at it as I’ve only spent or will have only spent 3 yrs total on my actual thesis…

By way of Update: I told myself a lot of lies during the end of my degree…anything to keep the caffeine IV flowing and homicidal tendencies at bay

And you know given I’ve spent so much time here I can serve as a beacon of knowledge to undergrads and new prospective grad students…

By way of Update: I was optimistic back then.

Eventually there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel right???

By way of Update: Sure…350 pages and 3 years later

Y’know…as I wonder where my life went…

By way of Update: ‘Bout a year into your postdoc when you think back to your Ph.D. process you’ll still wonder this…

And of course receiving the occasional encouragement…

Eventually your Ph.D. begins to feel abit like this:

By way of Update: Ya that’s about right.

SO, projected graduation now is December 2008…

By way of Update: Defended March 4, 2010 (after several cancellations), Dissertation turned in March 12, 2010,

Flew out to Hawaii to see family March 15, 2010,

Flew to Bangkok, Thailand March 19, 2010,

Started PostDoc Monday, March 22, 2010

Goal: To finish before I am 30! Think I can do it?

By way of Update: I finished prior to my 31st birthday…YIKES!

Well…one can hope.

Much Thanks for Ph.D. comics for showing the realities of graduate study!