Listening: repost from May 12, 2007


Listen to me

I’m falling

Away from the voice inside

Wishing to abandon my ridiculous nature,

Wishing to go after something

I can actually have

Angry at my own nature

Frustrated since the fault is mine

Busy with the life that’s around me

Forgetting at times what’s important to find

Listen to me

I’m smiling

Amused by things I cannot control

When all you can do is laugh

Mixing sadness, hurt, and relief in your soul

Focused on the tunnel in front of me

Desperately trying to stay on the path

Believing my head

Doubting my heart

Saying nothing, seeing the end

Listen to me

I’m quiet

My mind rebelling inside

Not wishing to upset the balance

Not wishing anymore to fight

Accepting what I cannot have.