A Sonnet…

So, I’ve written poetry in the past, still do on occasion, not as much as I used to though, but I’ve been inspired to put up one of mine…it’s an older one now, I wrote it back in high school,  I’ll share it all the same …


A Sonnet

Through eyes of one you knew, and yet did not;

I wait in some hopelessly vacant trance–

Knowing myself surpassed and forgot;

Viewing myself dull against her vibrance.

Dreaming dreams, wishing wishes void of fact,

My heart knows will never come to pass

Yet time alone shall not speak ill of that

As wind I feel, yet see touch other grass.

I loved you when you were shy and unfound:

When little you were known or recognized.

I loved you as you grew and lived, yet now

My friendship out of favor in your eyes.

And now our separate paths we follow through

Though life leads me away, I’ll remember you.